Myntra’s greatest impact is in making India more fashionable. The 3000+ strong brand within Myntra broadens the representation, empathy and understanding. We create and connect these brands to people all over the country - removing the barriers of language, devices, ability or connectivity. Better representation of brand starts with representation at the workplace. Our work has to be internal first, so it can impact what we do externally. We believe we will reach more diverse customers when our employees come from diverse backgrounds and work in an environment of inclusion and belonging. That is why at Myntra, we share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

We are creating a company that includes all people, and building a brand that reflect our diverse customers. Here’s how we are doing it. Be a part of us.

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Harish Narayanan

Harish Narayanan

Diversity is the lifeblood of creativity and ideas. More perspectives, more color, more variety, more surprises - isn't this what makes fashion so amazing? An organization that is delivering the nation's leading fashion platform should also reflect this diversity and passion in the core of its thinking. That is why at Myntra, we celebrate our differences and amplify the voices of everyone. We are building a workspace where everyone feels safe, welcome and appreciated.

Lalitha Ramani

At Myntra, we have always strived to ensure that the diversity in our workplace mirrors the rich diversity of our customer base - fashion and lifestyle which inherently flourishes in variety. We believe that encouraging diversity and inclusion is a quintessential business need as well as the right thing to do. It is what differentiates us and makes us one.

Lalitha Ramani


Phoenix is Myntra’s paid returnship program, that is specifically designed to make women on a career break make a smooth transition to our diverse workforce. With flexible work options, customized training modules, on the job learning with impactful projects, and a strong mentorship support, Phoenix will provide you with all around support to help you fly back to work.

Our Inclusive policies

In the spirit of acknowledging and celebrating diversity in its true sense, our policies and benefits take care of all sorts of employee groups, beyond the traditionally recognised needs. Some of these policies and benefits include Paternity benefits, Child care benefits, group medical insurance, pet adoption and family care leaves.


Colours is an initiative towards building an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ community and allies in Myntra. We take pride in providing an equitable working environment to our employees from the LGBTQIA+ community through all-inclusive policies & benefits, sensitising other employees, enabling communication, building a community and celebrating diversity.


WeForShe, a focused effort towards creating equitable growth for women, covers a wide range of initiatives and policies addressing women specific needs and issues. These include leadership development programs, an end-to-end maternity support program called Motherhood and Beyond, customized L&D interventions and one-on-one mentoring sessions amongst other support systems.

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